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If you want me to make a picture transparent, just send me a link to it or submit it to me.
I don't take credit for any of these pictures and gifs unless stated. If you are the creator, let me know so I can change the source. :)

Okay so I just wanted to thank you bc I write and your blog is actually so very inspiring so yeah, thank you :)

You’re welcome! Thank YOU so much for supporting me! <3 I think it’s so sweet that you took time and shared this with me! :)

Also, I’m sorry everyone for not posting so much. I don’t really have much to post anymore…
If you have any requests please send them in and I’ll try to get to them!



Bob scrubbin’ your blog.

Thanks bob

consider a "queue" so that your blog is continuously updated and active :)

I know! I try to be active, but I don’t really have things to post. :(


here’s a transparent kylie for your blog

Transparent Squidward (to clean up ur dirty ass blog)
Requested! x